Below Deck Where Are They Now, What Are They Doing Now?

Below Deck Where Are They Now, What Are They Doing Now?

Below Deck Where Are They Now – As far below deck completed its 9th season, people are asking, “Below Deck Where Are They Now.” After what felt like an eternity, the series has now completed season 9. The series has a huge fan base till now. All audiences are wondering about the cast in the series. In this article, we will tell you about Below Deck Where Are They Now keep reading the article below.

Below Deck Where Are They Now, What Are They Doing Now?

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Below Deck The Series

The actual series premiered in July 2013, noting the day-to-day lives of crew members on extravagant yachts during charter season. The “Below Deck” franchise sets sail with a new boat, crew, and place in this series that tracks nine crew members who live and operate aboard a 150-foot yacht. As the ship travels via the Mediterranean, each episode features a new group of privileged passengers, with apiece group offering a different set of challenges for the team. Guiding the ship’s team as captain during this series’ run has been Mark Howard, a veteran of about 30 years on yachts, and Sandy Yawn, one of the few females in the yachting industry to hold the post. Other crew members contain chief stewardess Hannah, who sees the Mediterranean as the leading location for yachting. At the time, Bravo disclosed that the first season averaged over 1 million viewers per episode, making it a simple finding to branch off into two more series: Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Each season, the crew members’ private lives have started to cross over into their professional lives, leading to startling reality TV romances, breakups, firings, and dramatic exits.

Below Deck, Where Are They Now?

Do you know where the people who starred in the series “Below Deck” are now? Based on the information we got, what they are doing now has been added below

Hindrigo Kiko Lorran

Hindrigo Kiko Lorran was the chef on season five of Below Deck Mediterranean and resumed living out his dream as a skilled cook to this day. While on the show, Kiko developed close relationships with his crew members, specifically chief stew Hannah Ferrier. After Captain Sandy fired Kiko in season 5, the chef resumed cooking and traveling the world. In July 2022, the retired Bravo character declared his engagement with girlfriend Nicole Skwara.

Gabriela Barragan

A surfer girl from sunny San Diego pivoted jet-setting yachtie, Gabriela, is enthusiastic about coming on board Parsifal III. Having functioned as both a stewardess and a deckhand over the last two years, Gabriela is an experienced crew member keen to deliver five-star assistance to challenging charter guests. After departing Below Deck Sailing Yacht in season 3, the San Diego resident moved to a more small vessel. She was the first partner on Below Deck season 9 alum Wes O’Dell’s sailboat, and the two began dating in early 2022.

Wes O’ Dell

Since yielding to the Virgin Islands, former Below Deck deckhand Wes has become the captain of his sailboat. He commands the Nightwind II, where he hosts his sailing yacht expedition business, Nightwind II Charters. They offer sailing and snorkeling day voyages to St. John’s and other cays in the Islands. A lovely shift of pace from his time as a deckhand on Below Deck season 9. The Florida resident hired Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum, Gabriela Barragan as his first mate, and the two quickly flashed a romance in early 2022.

Anastasia Surmava

She entered season four of Below Deck Mediterranean as the third stew aboard the Sirocco. Since then, she has united forces with former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier to establish Ocean International Training Academy, striving to help people enter the yachting industry. She also wants to cook and create new recipes in her free time. In March 2022, Surmava got engaged to Will Higginson.

Brooke Laughton

Laughton entered season 3 of Below Deck: the Mediterranean as the second stewardess on the Talisman Maiton superyacht in 2018. She had a romance with Joao Franco on and off the ship but split before the reunion was taped. The yachty launched the Nauti Yachtie Coach, which qualifies crews, in July 2020 while living in Dubai. In July 2021, she disclosed she was engaged to her boyfriend, who proposed in Portofino.

Ben Robinson

After departing the Bellow Deck crew behind after season 4 in 2016, Ben Robinson took some time away from the ocean to work on his catering business. He is also a Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss, addiction prevention, and cancer care. He has over 15 years of experience in yachting ships as a chef. Robinson has obtained his trance back to Below Deck Mediterranean, appearing in a handful of episodes since 2016.

Adam Glick

Adam is a casual California surfer who treks and lives in his camper van when he’s not on charter. He thinks of himself as the “adventure chef,” always aiming for new heights and challenges and befriending strangers wherever he cooks. The chef suited drama for two seasons on Below Deck Mediterranean and spent a period traveling the U.S. with his dog, Tex, after bowing out of the reality series in 2018.

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain was a long-reigning Chief Stew on Below Deck who emerged on the famous series for six seasons. After her season 7 exit, the show just wasn’t the same. Kate Chastain lashed the seas for six seasons of Below Deck and established via Instagram in February 2020 that she was running back to shore. She is enjoying her time with her dog Halo. After the covid pandemic, she is experiencing beautiful fresh air.

Hannah Ferrier

During an August 2020 episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, Ferrier was fired after being reported by a fellow deckhand for having Valium on board. She declared she was expecting her first child with then-boyfriend Josh Roberts in June 2020. They welcomed their daughter, Ava, in October of that year and informed their engagement the following month. They got married in March 2022.

Adrienne Gang

Adrienne Gang was the first chief stew in Below Deck. She married chiropractor Andrew Danks and later took a job as a yacht chef after five years of leaving Below Deck after its first season in 2013. The viewers were waiting for the re-em=ntry of Adrienne Gang, but she couldn’t make it because of some issues. She recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Andrew Danks.

Eddie Lucas

After starting drama for three seasons on the Below Deck boat, the former deckhand and bosun are set to make a triumphant return on season 8 in November 2020. Now he is working in tugboats in the Baltimore harbor. According to his Instagram post, he recently bought a house and is now living his life.

Ashton Pienaar

Ashton Pienaar encountered death during season 6, getting caught in a tow line and pulled into the water before being rescued by a cameraman. He later yielded as a bosun in season 7. Since swaying the boat on the Bravo series, Pienaar has carried up fitness coaching with his company AP Elite.

Kelley Johnson

 The former Marine Corps member emerged in seasons 2 and 4 of Below Deck, keen to climb the ranks in the yachting world. Johnson later formed a YouTube channel to recall his time in the military and deliver tips on how veterans can transition back into the “civilian world.”

Although he is famous, his Instagram account is not available. We will update you once we found.

Emily Warburton-Adams

Emily Warburton-Adams emerged on Below Deck season 4 aboard the Eros superyacht. She maintained the role of the second stewardess and worked alongside chief stewardess Kate Chastain and third stewardess Sierra Storm. Emily only lasted one season, but she impacted the crew, especially Chef Ben Robinson.

Adrian Martin

Adrain Martin was featured only in one season. He appeared in season 6 as a chef. After the show, he’s enjoying life. He is also persisting in honing his outstanding culinary skills. Now, he hosts private dining experiences and has been documenting his travels across the U.S. on Instagram.

Josiah Carter

Josiah Carter, the second stew, and Chastain grew close on season 6 of the Bravo series but haven’t kept in touch as often since Carter’s exit in 2019. He was meant to return to the show to replace Elizabeth Frankini during season 8, but because of the covid pandemic, the show wrapped earlier. In February 2022, Carter revealed he was engaged to his longtime boyfriend, Michael Groves.

Rhylee Gerber

Rhylee Gerber returned to her home state after wrapping up season 6 on the My Seanna and briefly functioned on a dolphin and turtle boat in Hawaii later. She also appeared on the seventh season of the Bravo show, which aired its finale in February 2020. Since then, she’s been traveling through Alaska by van. 

Ross Inia

 Ross Inia appeared only one season, footing off the boat after the season 6 finale of 2019. He was arrested for unruly inebriation and battery in West Palm Beach, Florida, in December 2018 and spoke out about the “big misconception” at the season 6 reunion. 

Courtney Skippon

During the seventh season, Courtney Skippon made a boat-mance with deckhand Brian de Saint Pern, but their love fizzled out at the end of the season. While in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, she’s taking her time at home in Canada and a much-needed break from the yachting world.

Tanner Sterback

Tanner Sterback churned up plenty of drama between the women on season 7 of Below Deck — and never yielded for another season. After the show, he started dating Stellar, who wasn’t hampered by his behavior on the boat. He was hit by a car back in 2020. But now he is all good and well.

Christine Bugsy Drake

Before entering the Below Deck Med crew in the fifth season, the South African sailor already had six years of yachting experience. After Ferrier’s dramatic exit, Drake could observe a promotion to chief stew in the future. She is an author and still works as a chief stew. She is currently but didn’t disclose who is the one.

Malia White

White entered the Wellington yacht crew on season 5 of Below Deck Med, where she fell in love with chef Tom Checketts. In September 2020, White affirmed via Instagram that she and Tom broke up after being one year together. She revealed that she was still working in yachting and was also about to sit for her officer’s exam at the time.

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Below Deck Where Are They Now – FAQs

1. When was the Below Deck series premiere?

The below deck was premiered in July 2013,

2. What was the series about?

The series was about noting the day-to-day lives of crew members on extravagant yachts during charter season. The “Below Deck” franchise sets sail with a new boat, crew, and place in this series that tracks nine crew members who live and operate aboard a 150-foot yacht.

3. What is the cast from Below deck doing now?

Check the above article

4. What is Adrian Martin doing now?

Now, he hosts private dining experiences and has been documenting his travels across the U.S. on Instagram.

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