Shafaq Naaz Web Series Watch Online 2022

Shafaq Naaz is a famous TV serial actress in India. Shafaq has worked in many Hindi TV serials. Shafaq has worked in “Mahabharat”, “Savdhaan India”, and “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein”.

Shafaq naaz was also seen in the web series some time back. She has worked on web series of ullu and kooku. The list of famous web series of Shafaq naaz is given below.

1. Halala Ullu web series

halala ullu web series

Halala was the most popular web series of the Ullu app. After this web series, the ullu app got recognition. This is the story of Rahil and Afza. Both have a new marriage. There is a lot of love between them in the initial days. But after some time, distance comes between the two and Rahil divorces his wife.

Later Rahil asks his friend Zaid to perform a halala with his wife Afza to save their marriage. To know what will happen next, watch the ullu web series halala.

2. Chitthi Kooku web series

Chitthi Kooku web series 2020

This is the story of Ravi Asthana. One day a letter comes to Ravi, whose date is written 25 years ago. That letter is written by Ravi’s girlfriend Aisha. In this, she says that she is going to become a mother. Ravi feels very sorry after reading the letter.

One day Ravi’s son comes home with his girlfriend Sonia. They both want to get married. After some time, Ravi learns that Sonia is the daughter of his girlfriend, Aisha. To know what will happen next, watch the kooku web series chitthi.

3. The last show

The Last Show ullu web series

This story is based on a real incident. This is the story of a theater named Satkar. A new film is played in this theatre. The show becomes houseful only in advance booking.

Many VIP guests are also invited to this show. As soon as the show starts, the theater explodes and many people die. To know what will happen next, watch the ullu web series The Last Show.

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